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Pellet Production Poland

Every day we are constantly developing offering the highest quality, selected wood pellets. The product we offer is completely ecological and therefore free of any admixtures or binders.


Our Product

Wood pellets (pine, spruce)
An eco-friendly product

The best quality

The wood used for the production of our pellets is carefully selected and selected personally by our experts. You can be sure that the product you buy will provide a high calorific value and produce trace amounts of ash.

6 Distribution countries

We run a well-developed distribution of the highest quality pellets in Europe. We deliver our products to the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and France.

Pellet Magnum Exclusive

2500 zł / 975 kg


Pellet Magnum Perfect

2400 zł / 975 kg



Our pellets are packed in 15-kg sacks. We pack them on pallets of 70 bags, which together gives 1050 kilograms of pellets on one pallet.

We also ship goods in Big Bags (20 bags of 1200 kilograms), which gives a total of 24 tons of pellets, which we carefully load on trucks and send.